June 30, 2020

Brian, Ireland: “It’s deplorable that an elderly woman had to give up the one thing she enjoys”

“The cost of tobacco in Ireland takes an extraordinary toll on anybody’s wages”… READ ON →

Ireland is the number one nanny state in Europe when it comes to smoking. The indoor smoking laws are the worst in Europe and the tobacco tax is probably the highest in the EU.

A quarter of my close friends, family and work colleagues smoke. Each of us pay €13-€14 per pack of 20 cigarettes. We’re working class people on a very basic wage and some of my family members who smoke are on a below average pension. The cost of tobacco in Ireland takes an extraordinary toll on anybody’s wages and daily I see counterfeit or smuggled cigarette butts and empty boxes left outside in cafe ashtrays. Lately, I’ve been seeing empty boxes of menthol brands with Russian text on them. They’re obviously cheaper, somebody’s personal choice of tobacco flavour and they’re extremely easy to get.

My grandmother has been smoking menthol cigarettes long before most of those Police-State politicians have been alive and she’s very upset about the new law. She’s paid over 70 years of taxes to the Irish government from 40 years of hard factory work and buying menthol cigarettes. She’s 91 now and she’s forced to stop smoking as she doesn’t like regular cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. We’ve had to make compromises for her.

It’s deplorable that the EU has forced an elderly woman to give up the one thing she enjoys, especially during quarantine.

When she goes to her local pub, herself and my aunt are forced to smoke outside in the wet Irish winter weather because there was never an option for a special smoking room for pubs. The government doesn’t care about anybody but themselves and how to make a “quick buck” here in Ireland. They’re anti-choice and total health freaks.

One thing the Irish government haven’t regulated was the outdoor smoking and many pubs and restaurants can offer the indoor-outdoor experience, but unfortunately some businesses would have benefited from a smoking room which is illegal here.

— Brian

What do you think about tobacco’s current regulation and taxation? How do you feel as a smoker in today’s society?

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