June 24, 2019
by Forest EU

“Vaping regulation ultimately a question of informed choice” says Forest EU

Smokers’ lobby group joins the Brussels debate on how best to regulate electronic cigarettes.

BRUSSELS, June 24th, 2019 – A sometimes heated debate is currently taking place in Brussels on how best to regulate electronic cigarettes. Forest EU would like to remind everyone of the importance of informed choice, a key concept that may prove useful in this conversation and any future regulatory development on the issue.
Guillaume Périgois, the director of Forest EU, a smokers’ lobby group, said:
“E-cigarettes have helped millions of Europeans quit smoking completely and for many of them vaping is a more than adequate substitute for smoking. Some actually prefer vaping to smoking.
“In the meantime, for many Europeans e-cigarettes may be safer but they are not as pleasurable as traditional cigarettes. That is the challenge vaping companies have to address and to their credit they are working hard to do so.”
Périgois added:
“Ultimately, for smokers and vapers alike, it’s a question of choice. It’s great that less harmful products are available and if adults make an informed decision to smoke or vape, that choice must be respected by the Commission.”

Note to editors:

  • For more information, please contact Forest EU Director Guillaume Périgois on +32 4 78 98 07 43 or at gp@forestonline.eu.
  • Forest EU is a lobby campaign informing smokers about issues that affect them in the European Union and engaging with stakeholders so the views of informed adults are taken into account within the EU’s decision-making process. Since 1979, Forest has been the leading voice in defending the rights of tobacco consumers and tolerant non-smokers. Forest EU doesn’t encourage smoking, receives financial support from tobacco manufacturers and doesn’t represent the tobacco industry. For more information, visit forestonline.eu.

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