June 5, 2019
by Forest EU

Cigarette-style plain packs for sweets? “Draconian”, “stigmatizing” and “unlikely to work”

Smokers’ campaign Forest warns the public: draconian regulations first applied to tobacco are coming for your choices, too.

BRUSSELS, June 5th, 2019 – The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has released a report which calls for plain packaging on certain foods and drinks to combat obesity.

The plans include the introduction of “plain packaging for confectionery, crisps and high-sugar drinks”, “supermarket sponsored community cooking classes” and “ensuring that no school is adjacent to a fast food restaurant.” The plans also include a daytime ban on television adverts for junk food.

Tobacco-wise, the report recommends raising the minimum age of smoking to 21.

The plans were backed by Dame Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer.

BBC coverage here; Daily Mail here.

Reacting to the report, Guillaume Périgois, director of the smokers’ campaign Forest EU, said:

“If you enjoy alcohol, sugary drinks and convenience food you should be concerned by this report because the kind of draconian regulations first applied to tobacco are coming for your choices, too.

“Plain packaging is unlikely to work and by denormalising the product it is applied to, it also stigmatises the consumer.

“More should be done to educate young people about the health risks associated with tobacco and nutrition. But adults just don’t need this kind of finger-wagging from governments.”



Note to editors:

  • For more information, please contact Forest EU Director Guillaume Périgois on +32 4 78 98 07 43 or at gp@forestonline.eu.
  • Forest EU is a lobby campaign informing smokers about issues that affect them in the European Union and engaging with stakeholders so the views of informed adults are taken into account within the EU’s decision-making process. Since 1979, Forest has been the leading voice in defending the rights of tobacco consumers and tolerant non-smokers. Forest EU doesn’t encourage smoking, receives financial support from tobacco companies and doesn’t represent the tobacco industry. For more information, visit forestonline.eu.

Featured photo by Ashley Hall on Reshot


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