June 11, 2019
by Forest EU

“Buckets of taxpayer money” for an unpopular cause

Smokers lobby Forest EU reacts to yet another anti-tobacco event in Brussels.

BRUSSELS, June 11th, 2019 – Six anti-tobacco groups are hosting an event this afternoon in Brussels to call on the EU to step up its efforts to end “the tobacco epidemic.”

Guillaume Périgois, director of the smokers’ campaign Forest EU, said:

“European citizens simply don’t see further tobacco regulation as a priority. According to a 2018 Populus survey, Europeans think that reducing tobacco use is the second least important mission among DG SANTE’s ten.

“This is yet another example of the big events that are typically hosted in Brussels and across Europe by multiple tobacco control lobbies, all of which receive buckets of taxpayer money in order to justify their existence.

“Educating children about the health risks associated with smoking at school level and giving adult consumers the right to choose potentially reduced harm alternatives to smoking, including vaping products, should be their focus not more headline grabbing “nanny knows best” restrictions.”



Note to editors:

  • For more information, please contact Forest EU Director Guillaume Périgois on +32 4 78 98 07 43 or at gp@forestonline.eu.
  • Forest EU is a lobby campaign informing smokers about issues that affect them in the European Union and engaging with stakeholders so the views of informed adults are taken into account within the EU’s decision-making process. Since 1979, Forest has been the leading voice in defending the rights of tobacco consumers and tolerant non-smokers. Forest EU doesn’t encourage smoking, receives financial support from tobacco companies and doesn’t represent the tobacco industry. For more information, visit forestonline.eu.

Featured photo by marina. Zee on Reshot


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