July 8, 2019
by Forest EU

“The New Asceticism: Impure Pleasures, Fear and Resentment in Europe” Burning Issues – 4 September 2019

Join us for a complimentary dinner and a presentation by Dr. Gesine Palmer.


Tobacco, alcohol but also travel, growth or having children: with today’s cultural climate increasingly seeming to make space for a trend that views renunciation as a socially allowed gratification and self-enjoyment as somewhat impure, Forest EU is inviting you to hear from the Berlin-based theologian Dr. Gesine Palmer about the new ascetic Zeitgeist and the need to defend a more balanced approach between enjoyment and the pursuit of a world that can be enjoyed.

  • Timing: Wednesday 4 September 2019, from 19:00
  • Location: Be Burger restaurant, Rue du Luxembourg 43, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

The presentation will be preceded by a complimentary burger and a beer and followed by a debate among attendees on the issue.

Tickets are free but you must register in advance below because places are limited. Work colleagues and friends are welcome, too: