March 27, 2017
by Forest EU

Welcome to Forest EU

We defend the rights of adults who choose to smoke and of tolerant non-smokers. Learn how EU regulations impact smokers and what you can do about it.

Did you know that around one in four Europeans smoke? That’s more than 100 million tobacco consumers accros the European Union.

Smokers in Europe are being targeted by a long list of regulations, from plain packaging, a ban on flavouring to smoking bans in public places.

And yet, smokers are rarely consulted when debating these policies. That doesn’t seem right. There wasn’t even any consumer group organisation representing them in Brussels.

Until now.

We are launching this new campaign with one mission: to defend the interests of adults who choose to consume tobacco and non-smokers who are tolerant of other people’s habit.

At Forest EU we will work hard to protect your interests by engaging with decision-makers, the media and stakeholders on all the policies affecting you.

We will inform you about the issues impacting your rights and choices.

And we will give you the tools to make yourselves heard.

It’s quite straightforward: adults who choose to consume a legal product must have the right to do so without excessive regulations.

Smokers are being discriminated against by a deliberate and unethical policy of denormalisation. This is unacceptable.

Decision-makers who pass regulations and taxes on smokers must at the very least engage with consumers and their representative bodies.

But is it really only about smokers? If you’re not a smoker why would you bother to help protect smokers’ rights?

We believe smokers’ rights are at the forefront of a much broader debate.

It all comes down to the question of the kind of society we want to live in.

Do we really long for over-reaching regulations governing every aspects of our daily lives; or do we want a free society?

In a free society adults should be allowed to make informed choices. This includes the 100m-strong minority that is European smokers.

We have to have the audacity to choose personal freedom, responsibility and choice.

Building upon European traditions of tolerance and limitation of power championed by Kant, Orwell and Aron, we will help you to boldly proclaim this message in Europe and be part of a new chapter for our continent.

By the way, those three were smokers, you know.


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