Time to rethink the EU funding of anti-tobacco lobby groups in Brussels

With a self-declared lobbying budget of €5 to €6 million, 94 lobbyists from 24 different organisations operating in Brussels are pushing for more pervasive anti-tobacco policies - 13 of them received €6 million in subsidies from the European Commission in 2016.

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Forest EU
2 months ago

If you favour further smoking bans, please read this article from someone who doesn't like tobacco at all: https://t.co/D178BGDq8p

Forest EU
2 months ago

The Commission is proposing a particular policy framework and then funding groups to lobby them for the introductio… https://t.co/rmpXhjeXGc

Forest EU
2 months ago

RT @NousSommes13M: « On monte une espèce de guerre entre les fumeurs et les non-fumeurs qui n’a pas raison d’être » (Guillaume Périgois, Fo…

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